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We have a passion for metal refinishing. Every part that we get into our facility is treated with care. We take the time to make sure the details in the part are finished just as good as the main areas.  We are constantly trying to new ways to improve processes and finishes.  We want every part that we refinish to end being appreciated for years to come. This dedication to superior finishes is what we make sure we maintain every day we walk into our shop.


In any highly technical trade, there’s no substitute for experience. At Metro PCS, we take the lessons we’ve learned in more than 20 years as one of the East Coast’s best metal fabrication and finishing shops. Where many larger companies employ a one-size-fits-all strategy, we combine a mastery of surface preparation, polishing, coating material chemistries, and application methods in approaching each part we finish. We only consider our work complete after you, the customer, are 100% satisfied with the results.

Personalized Service

At Metro PCS, we go over the goals of every one of our customers for the part we are refinishing. For out-of-area jobs we prefer “live” phone calls first, not just to document your special needs, but to hear your voice as well. It’s our view that the best way to earn your business is to speak with you one on one. We also invite you to visit us at anytime and view our shop and showroom.

Technical Knowledge

Whether you need new deck plates, bike restoration, mechanical fittings for your boat, wheels or trim for your car, or simply want to return the initial luster to your metal furniture or sculptures, we can help you restore corroded parts and bring back their original shine. That’s because we stay on top of the latest tools and techniques in the coating industry, which changes each day as new and better products hit the market. We keep up with the most recent trade journals and magazines, as well as speaking with our knowledgeable customers and suppliers. The chemistries of a decade ago have already been eclipsed by more effective and environmentally safe alternatives.

If you’re a serious hobbyist — a boater, a biker, an off-roader, or a furniture collector — entrust your finishing needs to a company that understands your passion and can accommodate your most exacting demands.

We thank you for the chance to introduce you to our suite of custom services and look forward to helping you with your finishing needs.


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